As adults we get so caught-up in life that we more often than not forget how wonderful it feels to be healthy, full of energy, not have mood swings and have an overall positive attitude towards our lives. What we eat, how we think and behave, our lifestyle habits and how we live our lives make a significant difference to health and wellness.

When we feel motivated – with the right mindset, we can achieve great things!

We are 80% more likely to change a behaviour if we set specific and measurable goals and make a commitment to another person to achieve them. Also, if we only live for the result and don’t enjoy the journey as well, it is so easy to fall “off the wagon” and go back to familiar unhealthy ways.

Mindset is responsible for 90% of what you achieve, which starts with your “inner game”. There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. This is what actually makes the difference between success and failure”. If you can master your inner game – find the key to your motivation – you will achieve significantly better results.

In the following case study the results achieved is through application of the principles of Blood Sugar Balancing (BSB) and consumption of low Glygemic Load (GL) foods. The case study illustrates the key principles and results achievable though following a healthy eating plan and lifestyle approach.

“What are you tolerating about your health?”

  • My clients want to lead big lives and want the energy to live life to the full. I love making this happen!
  • If you know you want optimum health, transformed energy, a body you are proud of – and you are ready to prioritise this now  – I invite you to work with me and together we can make this happen”
Blood Sugar Balancing and Body Mastery (real case – male, in progress)
BSB and sustainable Body Mastery Key points and principles related to my results.
  • No specific diet followed ;- weight achieved by following Blood Sugar Balancing( BSB) principles, consumption of low Glycemic Load foods and management of the individual “energy balance”;
  • Three simple rules
  • Eat regularly, every 3-4h (or as required – but beware of energy slumps later in the day)
  • ALWAYS eat a protein with every meal/snack
  • Be selective about the amount and type of starchy carbohydrates (GL rating)
  • Everybody responds in a unique way to nutrition and training, thus a person centered nutrition approach is key;
  • 3/6/36/104 rule (understanding this makes the journey easier)
  • 3 weeks to change a habit/routine
  • 6 weeks to be in a “new” habit and lifestyle
  • 36 weeks until this new lifestyle becomes second nature
  • 104 weeks to ensure “old lifestyle relapse/rebound” does not occur and the new lifestyle to be fully embedded
  • Listen to your body (it really talks to you)!
Blood Sugar Balancing (BSB)
Case Study testimonial.
I have been following the principles of blood sugar balancing (BSB) and low Glycemic Load (GL) eating for many years with tremendous positive benefits to my health and sport performance. In this particular period of weight loss I experimented with the BSB and Low GL lifestyle approach in detail – I also wanted to get my fat percentage down to 8% (to show it can be done with a healthy eating approach). I really feel alive, mentally alert, my energy levels are through the roof, my eating is balanced, I enjoy the freedom of my favourite snacks and my outlook on life is positive. This approach BSB approach really works for me!
Andries Rautenbach58 years young
Blood Sugar Balancing.


  • Works both short and long term
  • It is enjoyable, safe and makes you feel great
  • No rebound weight gain when you follow the principles
  • Within 7 days will start to lose weight as quickly as you gain energy
  • Within 20 days you’ll notice your skin has dramatically improved
  • Within 30 days you’ll be starting to feel like the new you