I met Andries mid-2018 and was introduced to the Life Canvas course. I was blown away by Andries’ unique approach and effective way of coaching. He has the ability to guide you in a direction where you find meaningful answers. Not only did he help me discover a lot about myself, but he also equipped me with useful tools that I’ll be able to use throughout my life. I definitely recommend his courses to anyone seeking clarity in life.

Francois ChapmanDirector - Wired In PTY ltd

I met you in 2007 when you became my boss. At first informal engagement with you was a challenge, until I understood your principles, values and the way you think. You are focussed, determined and everything is a challenge, which drives you to the next level. And in your challenge everything is being measured and maybe that is another reason that motivates your more to achieve your best. One thing I do appreciate from you is that when I asked advice, you always came up with a very realistic, easy to understand answer, maybe a model, or comparison to explain your thoughts. You also understood what my blind spots were and you were able to coach me though those. You used the words “Always let your star shine” that motivates me on a personal level, even today. You also always enquired about my training programme, which challenged me to keep in good physical shape. I really do appreciate the impact you had on my life. Thanks Andries

Sonnette BiddulphSenior Specialist Enablement, Corporate Affairs

Andries has a wealth of knowledge in many different aspects of both corporate leadership and personal growth. He is a great mentor and coach who strives to motivate one to set goals and unpack the skills and capabilities required to reach these. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious in leading one on the journey of self- discovery.

Lesley PhillipsIM Business Engagement partner

Andries has capacity to manage many projects and many teams all at once, successfully. I had the opportunity to be part of the teams that he was managing. Andries treats the teams he overseas as colleagues. He allows for team members to express their opinions in other words, he creates an environment where teams are free to have crucial conversations. Andries is able to wear many hats for different levels of engagement. I have witnessed him stepping back in the middle of a crucial conversation to put on the hat of a coach and a mentor. He is able to drive the team to deliver through ensuring team collaboration. He also calls a spade a spade when it is necessary for progress. Andries is able to motivate and uplift a team’s spirit. I remember Andries gathering one team to bring attention to the team’s achievements up to that point, discuss the challenges and craft a way forward. One thing about Andries that I celebrated was his ability to simplify complex things and his appreciation for suggestions of new ways of work. My experience of Andries Rautenbach was that he brought humanity into the corporate life.

Ruwa NtuliIndustrial Psychologist with special interests in management consulting, change management and medico-legal work

The Personal Mastery programme facilitated by Andries really added value in the process of self-exploration and re-connecting with who I am, my personal values and what inspires me. It is clear that Andries has a depth of knowledge and experience in the way he fosters an authentic environment for greater self-awareness , becoming clearer about who we are and taking action towards personal mastery. The programme is well thought out and delivered by a facilitator that clearly cares about the personal journey .

Sulene Toerien

I would like to thank you for your presentation and talk to the Platinum Assistant Network SA members. It is rare to find a speaker who connects with the entire audience but you did exactly this.

Susan EngelbrechtDirector & Co-Founder - Platinum Assistant Network SA