Endless Life Force is....

about enabling meaningful lives. It is about equipping people to be master navigators in living their life to the fullest potential.  It is also about the positive ripple effect that such a person will have and is willing to make within their community.

Health Coaching

We aim to be the preferred stop for body mastery well-being, enabling people to feel magnificent inside their skin. Health is one of the most important, if not the most important asset we are given.
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Personal Mastery

Meaning centered living by enabling people to use their natural abilities for mastery of both the self and their careers. A key outcome is the development and compilation a personal life canvas.
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Sustainable Living

To equip people to transition to eco-system sustainability and contribute positively to a kinder world. Enabling business to design, adapt, redesign or optimize for a cycle of disassembly and reuse.
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Business Services

Programme and project management related to organization transformational, change management, people transformation, software implementation and business process optimization.
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Our Vision

Enabling people to become mindful masters in living a meaning centred, healthy, abundant life and contributing to the greater good.

We subscribe to a clear and non-negotiable value system, comprising of:

  • Providing holistic programs and services that are human and helpful.
  • Relationships built on trust and respect.
  • Maintaining integrity and excellence in our programs and the services we offer.
  • Practicing responsible stewardship.

Our Online Learning Platform makes our services easily accessible to you in a practical and user-friendly format.  Develop and learn from anywhere in the world!

I met Andries mid-2018 and was introduced to the Life Canvas course. I was blown away by Andries’ unique approach and effective way of coaching. He has the ability to guide you in a direction where you find meaningful answers. Not only did he help me discover a lot about myself, but he also equipped me with useful tools that I’ll be able to use throughout my life. I definitely recommend his courses to anyone seeking clarity in life.
Francois ChapmanDirector - Wired In PTY ltd
“Like every man I am my own worst enemy, but unlike most men I know too that I am my own saviour.” Henry Miller